My published books


6) 5.15. (in English and Polish) -> Amazon

    Detroit. Detective Shannon Lucas works in Homicide. Previously, she worked in Special Department, which was shut down right after Lieutenant Hoyt cold-bloodedly killed a drug dealer. The woman has been struggling with mental problems for years. However, few people know about her long struggle with depression. Shannon doesn't like to talk about her feelings and problems. There's a serial killer in town. For every cruel crime he leaves the police with a bloody writing on the wall. Hoyt. The police investigating the case have no idea what the murderer might want. Only Shannon comes up with an idea. She asks the chief to include Lieutenant Hoyt - the same one who killed that dealer - in the case. Her colleagues are skeptical about this help. Only Sergeant Hicks of Internal Department believes that the man's past may hold the key to current events.

5) Infernal Island (in English and Polish) -> Amazon

    Valerie Donovan is a homicide detective in Los Angeles. The woman, together with her colleague from work, went to the concert of the rising rock star - Chester Palmer. Unknown perpetrators tried to kill the boy, and she saved his life. Unfortunately, her work colleague died accidentally. Donovan starts an investigation. From Los Angeles, she moves to San Diego, where she meets an FBI agent. This one has a proposition for her. He asks her to help him with the investigation. The detective would convince her ex-fiancé to cooperate with the feds. The man takes part in a reality show, which takes place on the island of Cébaco, which belongs to Panama.The woman agrees to help him, but soon regrets her decision. There is an accident on the island, and soon another and another one. Donovan suspects there is a murderer on the island. Unfortunately, a strong storm prevents contact with the mainland. The woman is on her own. Again.

4) A Bloody Ritual (in English and Polish) -> Amazon

    Sergio Giudetti was a well-known and respected Italian photographer. He was, because after meeting the mysterious green-eyed woman he ceased to be himself. Haunted by ghosts, he began to go insane. Overwhelmed by the woman who is dragged by the sea of corpses, he decided to find out the truth at all costs. About her. About himself and his alleged past. A bloody trail leads from Milan via Munich to Marseille.

3) Pledge (only in English) -> Amazon

    God created the world in seven days. I created the goddess in seven minutes.

    When teenage Sarah was persuaded by her schoolmates to explore the abandoned gold mine at night, she couldn't even imagine how much it would change her life. Abandoned by those whom she considered friends, seriously injured, she would have died in the dark, if it hadn't been for HE. In exchange for her soul, Sarah received help, as well as the possibility of bloody and cruel revenge on those, who preferred to forget about her existence.

2) Zielona Kula (only in Polish)

1) Wybrańcy (only in Polish)